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November 26, 2020
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Oyangudi Sports

Oyangudi Sports

Soccer Volley Ball

Soccer is the most lovable game in Oyangudi. It has been played  for a long time. We had many good memories for this game. Kingsly was the best player and coach, who can make a winner out of weak team.

Volleyball was quiet famous in Oyangudi for a while. We palyed in some competitions.

Ball Badmiton Cricket

Ball badmiton was very famous before a dacade in Oyangudi. Lawrence and Jawhar were great in this game and spent whole lot of time in the play ground. We had good memories about this games.

Very famous for a long time. We have many good players in our team and they played many memorable matches. We could not foget the following players. Ravi, Gnandura, Charles, Bovernagese, and many more.

Kabaddi Marbles (கோலி)

It was very famous in Oyangudi. It is not played often now.

It is also quiet famous among our villagers. And was famous and played by everyone in our village. Banda was a famous team game.

குச்சி கம்பு (கில்லி) பம்பரம்

It was a pioneer to cricket and base ball. It is a group game. Small wooden piece is used instead of circket ball. Compared to circket, Kutchi kambu is tough.

Top is a single player game and was famous in Oyangudi. It is not played as we had it before 10 years.

Kite (பட்டம்) கிளியந்தட்டு

Kite flying is a famous and a seasonal game. It is played during windy season, especially in the month of August (ஆடி)

Killanthattu is a group game, same like coco. It was very famous and played by everyone.

Hide and Seek  

Famous among boys and girls. It is played mainly on full moon night.


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